Oceancycle Fish Compost

Oceancycle Fish Compost has been approved for use in certified organic food production. This approval is acquired based on an annual review of the inputs of our Fish Compost, as well as careful testing of the final product, by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). For more information about OMRI, including their testing standards and criteria, please visit their website via the link below.

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Where To Buy

Locally owned and operated, Oceancycle has been making Fish Compost since 1991. Since then we have supplied local farmers and gardeners directly from our composting site, currently located in Parksville, as well as through a variety of retail outlets located all over Vancouver Island. Our Fish Compost is available in bulk, as well as in 30 and 60 liter bags.

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Our Process

Oceancycle recycles clean wood waste (predominantly fir and hemlock) and fish waste (from both farmed and wild local processors) exclusively. We do not accept yard waste, biosolids, or other household biodegradable waste. Fish Compost is OMRI listed for use in organic food production, and has been used by local certified organic farmers for over 20 years.

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Our Quality

Oceancycle Fish Compost can be used without restriction in all applications. It provides a nutrient rich and biologically active root medium that helps plants suppress disease and thrive. Fish Compost is a powerful soil amendment including use as a turf/lawn top dressing, mulch, and erosion control media, as it helps retain soil moisture.

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Processing Yard:

Oceancycle Fish Compost Ltd
1330 Hodges Road

Parksville, BC, V9P 2B5


Oceancycle Fish Compost Ltd
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Phone: 250-954-0118
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