How To Use

Oceancycle Fishcompost is a powerful soil amender, and even a small amount will significantly improve the quality of your soil.  It is high in Nitrogen, microorganisms and plant nutrients to build soil capacity and ensure plant productivity and resilience. It is OMRI listed for use in certified organic food production, and safe use in all applications.

New Garden Beds & New Lawns: Depending on the quality of your soil medium, apply 1-3 inches of Oceancycle Fishcompost to the existing soil. Mix it in to the top 3-4 inches, where the roots of your plants feed the most. Plant directly into the blend, and then top dress 1 inch with Oceancycle Fishcompost only to assist with soil moisture retention and weed suppression. Leave a ¼ inch space around the stem of the plant.

Existing Potted Plants: Remove as much soil as possible from the top of the pot without damaging the roots, and replace with 1-2 inches of Oceancycle Fishcompost.

Enhancing Potting & Garden Box Mixes: Add 1 part Oceancycle Fishcompost to 2 parts of your soil and blend thoroughly. After planting, top dress 1 inch with Oceancycle Fishcompost only. This will continue to feed the plants as they grow, as well as assist with moisture retention and weed control.

Established Lawns: Cover lawn lightly with ¼ to ½ an inch of Oceancycle Fishcompost. Gently rake it in and water thoroughly (evening watering is best). Repeat as needed.

As A Mulch: Apply 2-3 inches of pre-existing garden beds. This will provide effective weed control for up to 2 years, increased soil water retention capacity, and ample nitrogen and nutrients for plant resiliency and growth. Leave a ¼ inch space around the stem of the plant/base of the tree.

1 cubic yard covers 320 square feet at 1 inch depth, 160 square feet at 2 inches depth, and 105 square feet at 3 inches depth. If you need help assessing how much Oceancycle Fishcompost you need, please call us at 250-954-0118