Improving Soil Quality

Bring Your Soil to Life with Compost

The secret to maintaining a vibrant and healthy soil that consistently yields strong root and plant growth is the addition of beneficial microorganisms and vital organic matter. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not required.

·   High organic content
·   Available nutrients
·   Increased disease suppression
·   Superior water holding capacity
·   Stronger root development
·   Weed free

As a general rule of thumb when applying compost primarily to improve the soil the following general guidelines apply. If the soil is poor quality then approximately the equivalent of 3 inches deep should be applied. If the soil is good quality then about 1 inch application is adequate. Either the compost can be mixed in to the top 3 or 4 inches of the soil, or it can simply be applied as a top dressing.

This would depend upon the situation of the area being treated. If it is a new garden area then mixing into the topsoil is preferable but if it is an established garden, then top dressing is preferable. On new gardens a combination of mixing in and top dressing after the garden becomes established is ideal. When mixing compost with soil insure that the mixed in compost stays near the surface (3 to 4 inches only) where there is available oxygen to facilitate enhanced microbiological activity. Plants do most of their ‘feeding’ near the surface of the soil.

When top dressing, it is important to leave space around roots and stems, including the base of trees and shrubs. It is not recommended to put fish compost against roots and stems, as it is biologically active and about 2% nitrogen. Fish compost works well because when added to soil it breaks down carbon and other soil structures to make nutrients available to the roots. However, having it against roots and stems may not be ideal for some plants and is therefore not recommended. For trees, focus top dressing along the drip line of the foliage above, as this is where the roots will be feeding. If you have any questions about application, please feel free to call us as we are always happy to discuss details and help you get the most out of our fish compost.