Mulching Existing Gardens

Using our fish compost as a mulch is one of the more popular singular uses of our product. Our fish compost has an attractive black soil-like appearance that is increasingly being used in place of bark mulch. Though it is more expensive than bark mulch, it has several advantages that make it worthwhile:

·  Its dark color is aesthetically pleasing
·  Provides a beautiful contrast for your garden plants
·  Does not bleach, it stays dark in color
·  Has significant fertilizer value
·  Friable and easily spread
·  Absorbs water more effectively than bark

Even after 1 year our compost continues to look good in your garden. All that is required is that the surface is raked over and any plant debris that has accumulated removed. Further any weeds that may become established are easily removed due to the friable nature of compost. The compost itself is 100% weed free. Also, the compost simply becomes a beneficial part of your soil while bark mulch will eventually rob your soil of nutrients as it starts to break down. Fertilizer must be used in conjunction with bark mulch and is not necessary with compost.